Rhabarber-Schorle (Rhubarb Spritzer)

Rhabarber-Schorle (Rhubarb Spritzer) is one of our favorite ways to use rhubarb and it makes a delicious drink for a hot summer day. Plus it always gives me good memories of our trip to Germany every time I make it so that is an added bonus!
Rhabarber Schorle or Rhubarb Spritzer is a delicious drink and our favorite way to use rhubarb!
I went to Germany to visit my husband’s family two years ago. One evening we visited a quaint restaurant in a tiny village. Sitting on the table was a small sign for Rhabarber-Schorle. Of course I had to ask the translation for that one, although I could guess it had something to do with rhubarb.


I was intrigued by the sound of sparkling rhubarb juice so ordered a glass. My taste buds were pleasantly surprised by the carbonated, slightly sweet liquid with the flavor of rhubarb. Luckily our trip to Germany was in the spring so when we returned to the United States, my rhubarb plant was thriving so I was able to make my first batch of homemade Rhabarber-Schorle.


This is now one of the first recipes I use my rhubarb for each spring and enjoy making it throughout the summer. When I go to summer potlucks,Rhabarber-Schorle is often my contribution since it is so refreshing and unique. Last year I even froze some in popsicle molds and had some very tasty Rhabarber-Schorle popsicles to cool us off in the hot summer heat!


Rhabarber-Schorle (Rhubarb Spritzer)
10-15 rhubarb stalks, leaves removed (approx. 6 cups chopped)
1 bottle sparkling water
Honey (or sweetener of your choice) to taste


1. Chop rhubarb stalks into pieces about 1 inch long for a total of 6 cups.


2. Place the six cups of chopped rhubarb into a saucepan and add three cups of water. Cover and boil until soft.  Strain the rhubarb to separate out the juice.

how to cook and strain rhubarb
3. Add sweetener of your choice to the juice to desired sweetness; I always use honey and go light on the sweetness but that is just my preference. Add two parts sparkling water to one part rhubarb juice. Serve over ice or chilled.


German sparkling rhubarb juice spritzer
*You can make this in smaller or larger quantities depending on your rhubarb supply, just adjust the rhubarb to water ratio when boiling (2 cups rhubarb to 1 cup water).


As my husband said after tasting this year’s first batch of Rhabarber-Schorle  “ schmeckt gut!“ Or for those of us who need a little translation  “tastes good!“
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  1. Anonymous says

    This rhubarb spritzer really sounds refreshing and with warm weather finally arriving in the Northeast I am going to try this. Rhubarb is peaking right now. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick



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