Preserving Kohlrabi

This spring I decided to a plant a bunch of kohlrabi in our gardens since we now have a tasty family recipe to use them in. Earlier this summer, I shared the family recipe for Kohlrabi Soup that was taught to me by my husband’s German and Hungarian
family (you can read it here if you missed that post!)
growing and preserving kohlrabi

Some of the kohlrabi in our gardens were growing faster than others so not everything was ready to harvest at once. I pulled the kohlrabi that were large and ready to harvest since they get too woody if they are too big.
how to grow and preserve kohlrabi

Since I knew I was preserving the kohlrabi specifically to make kohlrabi soup this winter, I prepped it accordingly. I peeled the kohlrabi bulbs and chopped them in bite size pieces. The leaves I sliced in thin slices, careful to remove the woody thick stems near the bottom of some of the bigger leaves. 
I boiled the kohlrabi for 2-3 minutes then immediately placed them in ice water to complete the blanching process. I previously wrote about the family tradition of blanching/preserving taught to me by my mom, grandma and great grandma in this post about preserving sugar snap peas. 
I had to smile to myself as I was blanching kohlrabi since this veggie was not one known to our family but here I was using this family tradition of preserving on a veggie native to my husband’s family and for a recipe they shared with me. The beauty of blending two families into one!
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  1. says

    Hi Annie,
    Your kohlrabi looks wonderful!

    Thanks for putting the Gratitude Sunday image up!
    I noticed it had a few characters along the bottom. Did you notice that? I just fixed it so you are welcome to grab a new button if you’d like.

    Love, Taryn

  2. says

    We have a ton of kohlrabi at the co-op right now and I had no idea what to do with it. I’ll have to try your soup and then perhaps freeze some of my own! I love that you use the leaves too.

    BTW – I found your post on the Eat Make Grow blog hop.

  3. says

    I know what you mean about blending families. So precious and beautiful. I will have to check out that soup, I first saw Kohlrabi at the farmer’s market but did not know what to do with it. Is it pretty easy to grow?

    Thanks for linking up to Healthy 2Day Wednesday, hope to see you back next week.

  4. says

    Thanks for stopping by Debra! Kohlrabi is pretty easy to grow, it is an early season veggie so I planted it this spring when I did lettuce/spinach/carrots/beets/peas/shallots. It is so unique in that the bulb grows above ground so just need to have enough space between plants for them to grow well :)

    • says

      It is really easy to preserve and use later Diana, I hope you try it :) It is a great way to keep the veggies we have for use later so they don’t go bad. Especially for the soup, I know we don’t often want to eat soup in the hot summertime but preserving the kohlrabi to eat the soup in the middle of winter is perfect!

    • says

      Thanks for stopping by Sarah! I had never heard of Kohlrabi until I moved to Montana, it is so easy to grow and tasty too so hopefully it will become more well known. Thanks for pinning it :)

    • says

      Ooohh that sounds tasty, slivering it into your salad- I think I will have to try that! I once had kohlrabi in coleslaw where the cabbage was replaced with kohlrabi. It was a little intense so I like the idea of using slivers to add some of that yummy flavor without being overpowering.

  5. says

    like many others, the first time kohlrabi showed up in our CSA i was like wtf is that?! haha – and now i like to scare my friends with it. that being said, i LOVE me some kohlrabi and am always looking for new ways to prepare it. i have a pretty fantastic “slaw” i make with it – but i love the idea of preserving it :)

    thank you for taking the time to share with us at The Wednesday Fresh Foods Blog Hop – we hope to see you again this week with more incredible posts! xo, kristy

    • says

      Hahaha, that’s pretty funny to picture your reaction when you saw the kohlrabi! I think a lot of folks aren’t familiar with it and it is quite unique looking. I think I might try it in a slaw mixed with some cabbage since we have some more to harvest, just thinking about it makes me hungry :)

    • says

      Kohlrabi slaw is delicious. You should definitely do it! I was introduced to kohlrabi by my CSA and LOVE it now. I was talking it up at the CSA distribution and earned myself the nickname “the kohlrabi lady”. 😉

      Thanks for sharing with the Fresh Foods Blog Hop.

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