Upcycling Sewing Challenge: Meet Punk Rock Petunia

I’m not sure if it was because I spent a little too much time on the Punk Domestics website earlier in the day or I was going back to my roots of being the lead singer in an all girl punk rock band as a teenager, but out of a pile of “trash” I created Punk Rock Petunia.

When I signed up for my first Upcycling Challenge through Upcycled Stuff earlier this month, I had no idea what to expect. I was being set a box of “trash” in the mail and needed to create something with it and sew part of it. I’ll admit I was a little nervous. What if I couldn’t think of anything fun and creative to do with my “trash”? What if I couldn’t finish before the deadline less than a week away? This is a competition with a great prize at stake so I was feeling the pressure to make something unique.

When my box arrived I carefully opened it and peered inside. Out fell a ball made of strips of plastic grocery bag, half an egg carton and a little girl’s shirt. The box it was shipped in was even reconstructed out of a lightbulb box- impressive!

The first thing that came to mind when I held the ball of plastic bag strips in my hand was that it reminded me of hair. Probably not the first thing you thought of huh? I know, totally random. I put the “trash” back in the box and let it sit by my computer for a few days to let my creative juices percolate. I had a vision in my mind of a doll with plastic bag hair so after our little nugget went to bed one night I got to work.

I cut a large circle of fabric from the back of the shirt and cut off one cup from the egg carton. This was to be the head. I wrapped the fabric circle over the egg cup and then cut and sewed on strips of plastic bag for the hair. Initially my vision for the doll was a sweet, cuddly thing our little nugget might want to play with. Well, after I sewed her hair on she did not seem so sweet and cuddly. She screamed punk rock girl! Since the color of her skin reminded me of purple petunias, the name Punk Rock Petunia was born.

I cut two pieces of the shirt and sewed a seam on both sides creating a simple dress. The dress was then attached to the head by hand stitching. A row of three egg cups were placed inside vertically. A portion of the shirt neckline with the button became her headband, a part of the leopard print trim became her necklace and her sash belt.

There were two egg cups left so I was able to fit the vertical cups inside Petunia’s dress onto the last two egg cups to create a stand and give the appearance of feet under her dress.

The egg cup also gives her face some dimension and makes her chest anatomically correct 😉

I cut two strips of the shirt trim for arms and sewed them on at the shoulder. I cut several slits on the end of each “arm” to create fingers. Since every punk rock girl needs a guitar, I had to figure out how to make her one. Since I had some of the plastic bag strips left, I cut several pieces and braided them together to make the neck of the guitar. Then I wrapped strips of plastic bag to create the main body of the guitar and sewed it all together with a few hand stitches. The last step was attaching her hands to the guitar and she was all done.

But wait, she wasn’t done! Every good punk rocker is not complete without a safety pinned tag somewhere on their clothes. The tag of the little girl’s shirt said “Teaze”. It was perfect for Petunia. I cut it out and safety pinned it to the back of her dress. Now she was done.

Punk Rock Petunia is now the mascot in my little sewing room. A reminder to me that with a little creativity, we can turn any piece of “trash” into something really fun, functional and fabulous. 

Rock on Punk Rock Petunia!

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      Thanks Kris :) It is always so inspiring to me to see what others upcycle into fun creations since it really is amazing to see what “trash” can be turned into- the possibilities are endless!

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