Rock Collecting on the Blackfoot River

Did you ever see the movie “The River Runs Through It”? The movie takes place on the Blackfoot River in western Montana. We are blessed to live within a short hike of this same river. This week has been a mixed bag of rain and snow but one afternoon the clouds parted and we were graced with a blue sky and little bit of sunshine for a few hours so we headed to the river. 

a river runs through it blackfoot river montana

 I’ve been a rock collector for years and the Blackfoot River has always been one of my favorite spots to find the most beautiful rocks: shades of red, green, gray, tan and white in solids and stripes.

colorful rocks blackfoot river montana

colorful river rocks blackfoot river montana

This one is my favorite rock find of the day. 
green striped rock blackfoot river montana
Of course our little nugget joined in the rock picking adventure.  It was so fun to hear her say rock in her little toddler voice “rooooock” while she explored. 
toddler exploring rocks and nature blackfoot river montana
This is why our little nugget’s fingernails are always dirty. I don’t know why I always am self-conscious about that when we go out in public seeing as how it is just a result of raising a nature loving child!
toddler playing in the dirt blackfoot river montana
We love to explore the banks of the river because you never know what you will find. We found shell parts of a crawfish, or what my husband likes to call the “Rocky Mountain Lobster.” 

crawfish "rocky mountain lobster" blackfoot river montana

We also saw a chunk of wood washed up on the shore that had been chewed by a beaver. I love when we find wood like this where you can see the teeth marks where the beaver chewed the wood! 

wood chewed by beaver blackfoot river montana

It started to drizzle shortly after we got to the river which turned the rocks on shore into a beautiful display of color.

colorful rocks in the rain blackfoot river montana

The rain started to fall heavier as we headed home but the sun was still peeking out behind a cloud. We looked around for a rainbow and were thrilled to see this beautiful sight right before we left.

What a perfect ending to a little adventure on the river!
Have you been on any nature adventures this week? 
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  1. Sarah Range says

    I’m taking a trip to Missoula in a few weeks, hoping to stop in Arlee to find the Buddhist Gardens…. have you been?
    Love the riversides!

  2. says

    Love the river rocks! We get some real beauties up here, too. Also, don’t be ashamed to have a kiddo with dirty fingernails! Aedan does, too. I think it’s great!

    No adventures yet this week, but tomorrow is supposed to be quite warm, and the mister is off work, so I’m going to try and convince him to go snowshoeing!

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