A Visit to the National Bison Range in Montana

We recently took a family adventure to the National Bison Range. We always drive by the Bison Range on the way to our favorite Amish food market but we had no idea just how huge and spectacular it was until we drove the two hour loop road through the range. Even the view of the Mission Mountain Range from the parking lot was breathtaking.
missiona mountain range st ignatius national bison range

The National Bison Range was created in 1908 as a means to protect the threatened bison population. Since it is part of the national wildlife refuge system, the area is open to the public for wildlife viewing. For safety reasons, people are asked to stay in their cars because the bison are free range across the preserve.

bison national bison range montana

The Bison Range is teaming with wildlife like this Pronghorn.
pronghorn antelope national bison range montana

Since we visited the Bison Range in the late spring, a lot of the animals were shedding their winter coats in preparation for the warm summer weather.

bison shedding fur national bison range montana
We caught a glimpse of this colorful male pheasant before he raced off into the brush.
ringtail pheasant flathead indian reservation montana
Another exciting wildlife spotting was a Big Horn Sheep as we neared the top of the mountain.
bighorn sheep bison range montana

Views like this of wildflower meadows and mountain peaks against the bright blue sky are what made me fall in love with Montana years ago when I first moved here.

mission mountains wildflower meadow bison range montana
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  1. Doug says

    I love these pictures of Montana! I spent 6 of my growing up years in southwestern Montana, the most beautiful state in my opinion. If you can, do tell me exactly where the mountain meadow pic was taken…it looks so familiar. Someday, if I’m lucky, I’ll move back out West, hopefully to Montana.

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