Flower Gardening to Feed the Soul

Vegetable gardening nourishes the body but flower gardening feeds the soul. 

I haven’t been online much the last two months due to the family crisis I mentioned in this post so our blog and social media have been quiet. Instead I have been spending a lot of time with my hands in our garden soil, surrounding myself with the simple beauty of my beloved perennial flower gardens. Seeking peace and solace in a complex, sometimes dark and ugly world.
anenome perennial flower garden

There is something so therapeutic about being outdoors working in our gardens. Listening to the crickets chirp, the robins singing in the tree, the buzz of the hummingbird zipping in for a quick meal.

columbine perennial wild flower montana

I am amazed and inspired by the strength of these delicate perennials that survive the bitterly cold Montana winters.

double columbine wild flower perennial

double columbine perennial rock mountains
columbine perennial wild flower rocky mountain west

I love to look at the golden glowing beauty of the the buttercups planted in my garden, decedents of my great-grandmother’s buttercups she nurtured in her gardens many, many years ago. I like to think that she too found solace in her flower gardens, that she too knew the secret to nourishing her soul was found in her gardens.

buttercups wild flower gardening
The irises recently began to open, filling the air with their perfumed scent. 

iris flag bulb flower scent

Each flower is so intricate. So unique. Simply beautiful.
bishops weed flower perennial gardening rocky mountains montana
lupine wild flower perennial garden rocky mountains montana
therapueutic flower gardening to feed and nourish the soul
chives flower perennial herb gardening
aster wild flower montana perennial garden
flax seed plant perennial herb wild flower
lavender perennial wild flower rocky mountains montana
jacobs ladder perennial plant flower garden

In those rare moments of quiet “mama time” each day, I can often be found sitting in my rocking chair on our front porch, sipping on a cup of  fresh homegrown herbal tea observing the beauty of the flowers. If I’m lucky, I’m graced with the presence of one of the hummingbirds who frequents our property. Then I feel truly blessed. My soul is nourished.

Are you a flower gardener? What do you do to feed your soul?

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