Gratitude Sunday 1-5-2014

Did you ever have one of those moments or days where you just felt an overwhelming sense of gratefulness? Honestly I wish I had these moments every day, but then if they happened that often they might lose some of their magic!

New Year’s day was one of those days for our family. We were filled with joy and celebrated all we had to be grateful for. Here are some highlights of our gratitudes throughout the holiday season that remind us of just how blessed we are:

-A break in the snow giving us a night of clear, starry skies so we could take our little nugget outside to do some star gazing (and of course some toddler led singing of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!)

-Our little nugget’s love of singing and dancing

-Cooking up our free turkey and feasting for several days

-Having enough wet snow to build a snowman with our little nugget. This is the first year she is old enough to join in with rolling the snow and decorating. She had so much fun finding leaves for hair and sticks for arms. She talked about her “towman” for days.

toddler building first snowman montana

-A busy holiday season in our Etsy shop and vending at the local MADE Fair providing us an extra chunk of money to pay off some bills we had from fixing up our new homestead.

-So very, very grateful for the bit of website design and computer code skills I picked up over the last year to be able to figure out how to set up a new self-hosted blog on WordPress. There were some frustrating moments but not NEARLY as frustrating as when I was just learning all this while setting up this blog on Blogger about 1.5 years ago.

-A very thoughtful gift from my husband: a new pair of good binoculars for my daily bird watching

-Hundreds, if not thousands, of birds flocking to the nearby fields to feast during the day: Canadian Geese, ducks, red tailed hawks and even a golden eagle!

-An afternoon walk around our property where we found a big patch of ice and had so much fun “ice skating” in our snow boots!

winter ice skating on the homestead montana

-The cozy warmth of our wood stove

-Beautiful sunrises and sunsets almost everyday. Watching this never gets old for me; I am always filled with a sense of peace and wonder.

-Seeing a Ring-necked Pheasant on our property

-Finally getting to cash in a very thoughtful birthday gift from my mom: a 90 minute full body massage with a massage therapist in town. Simply amazing!!

What have you been grateful for this holiday season?

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  1. says

    It sounds like you were truly blessed this Holiday Season as was I!
    we had a free ham that was amazing but the most wonderful part was that My parents are both still with us at ages 81 and 77 and we all had Christmas at my house (it’s difficult for me to travel) we had about 25 family members here and there was no Jerry Springer like fights or ppl cussing each other out, just Joy and Peace and Celebrating our Savior! I couldn’t ask for more♥♥♥

  2. Sherri L says

    Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday and lots to be thankful for! And it seems like it is the little things that we are most appreciative of, once we take the time to stop and reflect.

  3. says

    I felt gratefulness while leading up to Christmas too. Having a nice warm home, pretty real tree, children’s books, and reading to my children the Christmas Story were some of my blessings.


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