Green Resolutions Reusable Cloth Pad Giveaway

Green Resolutions Giveaway

What better way to ring in the new year then to have a giveaway for a set of our handmade, reusable cloth pads! Whether you call them moon pads, mama cloth, cloth feminine pads, or natural maxi pads they will help you live a more “green” eco-friendly lifestyle. This giveaway is part of the 3rd Annual Green Resolutions Giveaway Hop, hosted by Happy Mothering and the Green Moms Network. At the bottom of this post you will find a list of all the other bloggers participating so you can enter for your chance to win some amazing “green” prizes.

There are also two grand prizes over at Happy Mothering! First prize is a Pure Echo Organic Cotton Natural Twin Mattress from This safe mattress is made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and Natural Wool. It is free of fire retardants and other harmful chemicals so you will rest easy knowing your child is sleeping on a safe mattress. The second prize is a huge package of glassware from Mighty Nest to help you swap out your kitchen plastic for glass. This package includes 8 pieces of glass food storage, a set of glass measuring cups and 2 glass bistro pitchers.

The Family Behind MontanaSolarCreations
We are a work from home family living on a little homestead in Montana. Our family consists of me (Annie), my husband, and our toddler daughter. While I am the crafter of our sewing creations, my husband is the creator of our wood toys, handmade buttons, solar lanterns, wine stoppers, antler dog chews and natural antler and river rock drawer pulls. We also blog about our adventures in homesteading at our new blog,  Montana Homesteader. 

MontanaSolarCreations Handmade Reusable Cloth Pads
In our Etsy shop, we sell a variety of eco-friendly creations ranging from cloth napkins to unpaper towels, wood toys, cloth wipes and much more. Over the last year, we expanded the cloth pads we sell in our Etsy shop. We currently have 62 different listings for cloth pads! We have panty liners, thick/absorbent cloth pads, cloth pad starter sets and in the works are large overnight size pads. There are a wide variety of prints to choose from: owls, flowers, birds, tie dye, bikes, peace signs, and paisleys to name a few. You can see all the styles, prints and sets we have available here in our shop.

Why use Reusable Cloth Feminine Pads?

  • Made of 100% cotton so better for you
  • Washable and reusable instead of disposable so better for the environment
  • Save money long term by not having to continually buy disposable products
  • Much more comfortable than a disposable pad
  • Fun prints are much better than boring white disposable pads!
What people are saying about our cloth pads: 
  • “These are the best etsy panty liners I’ve purchased yet! They are a bit bigger than other liners I’ve bought, but when I wear them, I feel them *less*! In fact, I don’t feel them at all, where some others I could feel as I walked, or they would pinch a bit, etc. These are soft, absorbent, and so comfortable. Not to mention the prints are so cute!”
  • “These are great. Light yet absorbent and cute to boot. Thank you!”
  • “Received my order yesterday, everything looks great! Stitching is well done, snaps all work. I’m excited to try these out. Thank you!”
  • “Beautiful and artful. Great quality. Sturdy. I will feel secure wearing my new moon pads!”
  • “These were made and shipped very fast. They are super cute and soft. They are sewn very well and I think they will be very absorbent too. Thanks so much!”
  • “Fantastic! This is my second set and I plan on buying more in the near future!”

The giveaway set:

This giveaway is for one thick, absorbent pad and three panty liners. These pads retail for a total of $28 in our Etsy shop.

handmade reusable washable natural feminine maxi moon menstrual pads

    This giveaway is open to residents of US and Canada. Enter on the form below and don’t forget to check out all the other giveaways listed at the bottom of this post! 

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    1. says

      I was just standing in the grocery store today, and even looking @ the clearance cart, I was thinking as I eyed up some Kotex pads — “Wow! I really feel good about using cloth pads!” It has been about 5 months now since I made a 100% switch (save for swimming) and I couldn’t be more comfortable or happy! Cloth pads rock–I just look at my tiny stash and think: “Right on, mama!” :) Thanks for the giveaway, Annie!

    2. Jill Poverud says

      I already have 2 pads from you and I love love love them! They are the perfect size, thickness, and they are very sturdy. I would love to have more on hand. Thanks!

    3. says

      I’ve used cloth pads for a while and definitely need more for my stash. They are so much more comfortable than disposables and I love that fact that I am not filling my bathroom trash with pads.

    4. says

      I like cloth pads because I cloth diapered my son (& my new baby due this summer will be in cloth as well). Since making the fun and easy switch, i decided to switch for myself. I became obsessed. no more itchy and burning spoosies. no more icky things to toss in the trash. plus, cloth is so fun, pretty, comfortable, easy and affordable!
      i want to win because I just started my stash and its pretty small =] not enough for a full cycle. actually, just enough for a day. ha.

    5. Sherri L says

      I like that they are softer and more comfortable, and also that they are reusable, so they aren’t adding to our landfills

    6. says

      I really like cloth pads, I would use the more if I had more. They feel really comfortable and you can just rinse and throw them in the laundry, it’s pretty easy!

    7. says

      I would love to win because my last two periods have been two months long EACH! so I go through a lot of disposables lol gets expensive and also to be better for the environment. my kids are in cloth, so why now?

    8. says

      I think that cloth pads are not as irritating as other sanitary pads, and I like that they do not add to the waste at the landfill, I think these are an idea whose time is right.

    9. Alona Y says

      I have never used cloth pads, but the benefits make it seem like a really smart and responsible idea, would love to win! Also, those are really cute.

    10. says

      I love cloth pads because they are more comfortable and they’re better for the environment (and my wallet!). I need some more moderate to heavy because most of my pads are panty liners.

    11. says

      I love cloth pads because they are more comfortable and better for the environment (and my wallet!). I hope to win because I need more since some of my panty liners are wearing out, and I need more moderate to heavy pads for post partum and when my period comes back.

    12. Larissa V. says

      I”ve never tried cloth pads before but now that we have switched to cloth diapers i’m interested in trying out cloth pads and seeing how i like them!

    13. says

      I want to get some cloth pads to use due to my ‘mom bladder’, which doesnt seem to go away no matter how many kegels I do!! I hate having to use thick pads to protect against leaks, and always feel like I’m making crunching noises as I move around, especially when I go running!

    14. says

      they’re so much more comfortable than disposables! i love them. i have just a few but they’re great! plus we pay for garbage disposal by weight… pain in the butt. less in the trash the better!

    15. says

      I like them, because it means you always have some pads on hand. Also, they cause less irritation and less trash than disposable ones. These are cute too. I really need to update my stash of cloth pads, because mine are getting pretty old.

    16. says

      I want to win because I am trying to switch to cloth pads but I only have 4 so I can only do it part time. I don’t have the funds to finish my stash yet so this would be wonderful.

    17. Laronda B says

      I cannot believe how much less irritated my skin is with cloth vs disposable. If I’d had any clue, I’d have switched years ago!

    18. says

      I have never tried them before but would love to. I hate filling up the landfill with the disposable pads and if I like them and they work great it would save me money. Which right now is a big deal because I’m not working so every penny I can save is a plus. I love living frugal and doing as much as possible to reduce our foot print. Thanks for sharing this giveaway.

    19. Gabrielle Dennison says

      I would love to use cloth pads, and this will give me a chance to try. Sposies make me itch ever since I’ve had my son.

    20. KC says

      I’m making the switch when my period comes back after the birth of my baby. It has been 5 months, and while I wouldn’t say I’m looking forward to it, reusable pads will make it more tolerable!

    21. says

      I have actually never tried cloth pads, but I am going to cloth diaper my son once he is born, and make the switch with my toddler. So I just thought cloth pads make sense and I’ve heard they are a lot more comfortable!

    22. Adalynne says

      I love that the the liner can fold for a desecrate “put away” in my purse! Also, there is a comfortable thickness to the liner!

    23. Carolyn Miles says

      I have never tried mama cloth or a cup cause i was nervous they wouldn’t work out for me…but I am finally going to try the, and I would love to win. Thanks for this giveaway :)

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