5 Ways to Use Less Paper Products at Home

Using less paper products at home is a great way to save money and live more eco-friendly. We began doing all of these things in the last couple years. I’m amazed at how making these changes has greatly reduced the amount of paper waste we throw out. Plus I’m spending less money at the grocery store by not buying as many disposable paper products. We’re living more eco-friendly AND saving money so it is a win-win situation using these five simple steps!

5 Ways to Use Less Paper Products at Home

5 Ways to Use Less Paper Products at Home: 

1. Unpaper/paperless towels instead of paper towels. We started doing this a few years ago and I haven’t bought a roll of paper towels in over a year. You can easily make your own unpaper towels by following this tutorial we shared. We keep a bag in the kitchen for soiled unpaper towels and cloth napkins that we launder with the rest of our kitchen towels once a week.

2. Cloth napkins instead of paper napkins. We use napkins at every meal and for snacks. If we were using disposable paper napkins this would be a lot of waste on a daily basis. A few years ago I made our first set of cloth napkins and we love them! These are another easy project you can make yourself by following our tutorial.

3. Cloth wipes instead of disposable baby wipes. We began using cloth wipes with our little nugget about six months after she was born and we love them! I figured if we were cloth diapering, it wasn’t that big of a deal to use cloth wipes. We kept a tub of cloth wipes next to the changing table and simply threw them in our wet bag with dirty cloth diapers to be laundered. Now that our little nugget is potty trained she still uses this same set of cloth wipes. You can make your own no-sew cloth wipes by cutting up old tshirts or sew some with cotton fabric similar to our tutorial on how to make cloth napkins.

4. Family cloth instead of toilet paper. This one is definitely not for everyone and is quite the personal topic! I know some folks who use family cloth for all their toileting needs. I’ll be completely honest and tell you we aren’t one of those families. I use family cloth for pee only. We use cloth wipes for our little nugget and cloth diapered so making the switch to using family cloth wasn’t a big leap. Even though I don’t solely use family cloth, I figure the times I do use it makes a difference.

5. Reuse blank sides of junk mail instead of buying paper.  I am a list maker. If I bought brand new tablets of paper for all the lists I make, we’d be consuming a lot of paper. A few years ago we got in the habit of always opening up the junk mail and looking for any blank sides of paper that can be reused as note paper, printing shipping labels, and coloring paper for our little nugget. Find 25 different uses for reusing junk mail here.

Using less paper products at home does not have to be an all or nothing thing. Even implementing one of these tips will make a difference. If you’re like us though, once you start doing one of these things the others easily follow. It simply becomes a way life, a part of what we do each day.

If you’re crafty and can make some of these products, they will save you even more money in the long run. For those who aren’t the crafty type, you can find unpaper towels, cloth napkins, and reusable cloth wipes in our Etsy shop.

Do you have any ideas to share on how to use less paper products at home?

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  1. says

    I’m proud to say we do 1-3 in our household. I probably should do #5 since I’m quite the list maker myself. I can’t seem to bring myself to #4 which is funny considering all the poo I wash on a daily basis (livestock poo from pants, baby poo from diapers, etc). I am so glad I tracked down your blog. I’ll definitely be back!

    Share with me! Blog Hop every Friday (entries accepted until Thursday at noon).

  2. says

    We’ve reduced the volume of junk mail since putting our names on a do-not-send list, but I also scavenge it for note paper. And I pull out the pre-stamped envelopes, cover the address with a sticker and write over that. Saves an envelope and a stamp!

  3. Ashley F says

    We do a most of these, I don’t think we’ll make the leap to family cloth, but we do use cloth wipes and cloth diapers on our little one. Great idea using junk mail and scrap paper. I might start going through it and using it for my little one to color on, too, since she could color a dozen sheets of paper a day if I let her.

  4. Sue D says

    This is one area I need to work on although we really don’t use that many paper products to begin with. I am good at #5.

  5. Alex Porter says

    I have taken some of these steps to reduce our paper, but I don’t think my hubby would go for family cloth. Maybe one day when we live in the woods!


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