Easter Gifts for Babies and Toddlers

Have you ever tried finding an Easter gift for babies and toddlers? Speaking from experience, it is challenging! For a baby or toddler, especially in a natural living family, a basket packed full of sugary treats and chocolates doesn’t seem appropriate. What else can you give a baby or toddler for Easter that is age appropriate? All natural, eco-friendly wood Easter toys!

My husband has been busy in his wood shop creating some new wood toy designs just in time for Easter. These wood toys are lovingly handcrafted on our little homestead in Montana. Each toy is hand cut and sanded for a smooth finish ensuring a safe solid surface for baby to chew on. We now have a collection of Easter themed wood toys in our Etsy shop that make great Easter gifts for babies and toddlers!

Instead of buying a sugar filled chocolate bunny for baby, try this all natural wooden bunny teething toy. The shape of this bunny actually reminds me quite a bit of the chocolate bunny I always got in my Easter basket every year as a kid!

natural untreated wood Easter bunny teething toy for baby

We also have this cute little Easter bunny teething toy in our Etsy shop.

untreated wood Easter bunny teething toy Easter gift for babies and toddlers

Of course if we have wood Easter bunnies, we also have to have one of their favorite foods: a carrot! This wood toy is sanded smooth and has details burnt into the wood instead of painting to make it safe for baby to chew on.  The other great thing about this wooden carrot toy is it can also be used as a food toy as baby grows into a toddler. Little A loves using her wood carrots and veggies to cook in her kitchen or have picnics with her dolls!

natural untreated wood carrot teething toy Easter gift for babies and toddlers

Another popular Easter gift for kids is a baby chick. I was never as lucky as some kids I know who actually got a real baby chick for Easter, but we could always count on having those super sugary marshmallow chicks in our Eater baskets every year. For a baby Easter gift that is a little healthier than a sugary chick, my  husband came up with this super cute little baby chick wood teething toy.

eco-friendly healthy babies and toddlers Easter gift wooden chick teething toy

Our Easter themed wood toy collection would not be complete without an egg. When I think of Easter as a kid, I remember the joy of coloring eggs and the adventure of going on an Easter egg hunt. I also remember always having a bunch of chocolate Easter eggs in my Easter basket. This wood Easter egg teething toy may not taste as sweet as a chocolate Easter egg, but it will last at lot longer!

handmade wood Easter egg teething toy for baby and toddler

Finding healthy, natural, eco-friendly Easter gifts for babies and toddlers isn’t as hard as you may think! When you give baby one of these wood teething toys as an Easter gift, you’re also giving them a toy that will last a long time. It is a natural wood toy that is safe and not filled with harmful chemicals. Plus giving the gift of a wood teething toy is much healthier for baby than a sugar filled basket of candy!

You can find these natural wood teething toys in our Etsy shop along with a wide variety of other eco-friendly living items.

View our wood toy selection here. 


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  1. says

    My kids are well beyond this point, but I love the wood teethers and toys. I still have some little wooden trucks and toys that I got over 30 years ago that my kids play with today. Well built wooden toys last for ever.

  2. says

    Adorable! SO love the carrot (and the idea that it can be used as food later). I personally dread the whole Easter-basket experience with kids because I can’t stand filling it with candy! Such clever alternatives!

  3. says

    “For a baby Easter gift that is a little healthier than a sugary chick, ”

    UGH. And TASTES better! Those marshmallow things are so gross. 😛

    I love teethers like this. The carrot’s my favorite. :)

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