Gratitude Sunday 4-13-2014

The last few weeks, I’ve been feeling such gratitude for this new land we are living on. Now that warmer spring weather has arrived, we’ve been busy working on outdoor projects. Everyday, I find myself thinking of so many things I am thankful for at our new home. I feel so blessed to be here. This place fills my soul and makes my heart sing. Today we’re joining Taryn at Wooly Moss Roots for Gratitude Sunday to share some of our gratitudes from the last week.

-The sound of the Meadowlark’s beautiful melody filling the air as we worked outside in the strawberry patch.

-A friend giving us five free plum tree saplings to plant in our orchard.

-Finding a great deal on some wood at the second hand hardware store in town so my husband can finish making our bee hives in time for our bees to arrive a couple weeks!

-A friend letting us use his large rototiller since he moved to town and doesn’t need it anymore. Our new garden space is 7000 square feet of pasture that needs to be tilled and cleaned of weeds before we can plant. Now we won’t  have the expense of having to rent a rototiller!

-An amazing sunset with such dark purple and fuchsia colors in the sky.

-The rhubarb I transplanted in the fall from our old house taking root and sending up a ball filled with new leaves.

rhubarb ball of new leaves bursting through soil in spring

-Catching a glimpse of the owl swooping silently through the dusk sky. I haven’t seen the owls all winter and have been missing their presence. This was the first spotting this spring and it filled me with such joy!

-Our spring garlic taking root and sending up healthy green shoots.

-Finally getting our seeds planted in pots in the greenhouse since our last frost date is about six weeks away.

-Watching Little A play in the dirt and talk about the seeds she was pretending to plant while I worked in the greenhouse. It warmed my heart listening to her babble about “growing food” and “planting tomatoes and coo-cumbers”

-Planting over 30 strawberry plants and 50 raspberry canes in our new perennial fruit garden.

-Watching the spring rainstorms move across the valley bringing such dramatic colors and cloud shapes to the sky.

-Little A saying “I want to be a farmer when I grow up.”

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