Kite Flying for Low Cost Family Fun

Do you remember the last time you flew a kite? Until last week, it had been well over a decade since I had flown a kite. I have many fond memories of flying a kite as a kid. Then I grew up and for some reason never thought much about flying a kite. We recently were reading about flying kitesĀ in several of Little A’s books. I realized our back pasture was the perfect spot to fly a kite so told her I would buy her one.

kite flying is a low cost fun family activity

Last week I bought Little A her first kite. She was thrilled! Honestly when I bought the kite, I had no idea just how thrilled I would be too! We waited for a breezy afternoon to fly our new kite. Once we got the kite up in the air, it soared high up into the sky. It was so beautiful!

The kite I bought (this is the one we have) isn’t the cheapest model out there nor is it the most expensive. I wanted to buy a kite that would not get ripped to shreds after a few uses. I also didn’t want a kite that was so strong that Little A couldn’t hold it. This kite is just right. The handle that the string wraps around is just the right size for Little A. She just loves the rainbow colors too! I loved that it only cost me $10.

Since Little A isn’t quite three years old, she still has a very short toddler attention span. After a few minutes of kite flying, she was distracted by some plants in the pasture. I continued flying the kite and had a blast. I had forgotten how fun it was to fly a kite! It was amazing to me how something so simple was so much fun. And the best part? It was cheap fun! I spent $10 on this kite and it will continue to provide endless amounts of fun for our family.

Now every time there is a breeze, I think to myself “this is perfect kite flying weather!” In the last nine months of living at our new homestead, we’ve noticed it is often windy since we’re out in the valley instead of living at the base of a mountain. I’ve now embraced all the wind at our new house since it means we can head outside and enjoy some kite flying!

When was the last time you flew a kite?

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  1. says

    This reminds me that we have a couple of kites that we bought last year and promptly forgot about! Will have to take the boys somewhere that we can try them out when it’s windy….

  2. Sue D says

    We used to enjoy kite flying with our boys and now will begin again with our grandchildren. We dug them out the other day and the next windy day our grandchildren are visiting I am sure we will have fun.

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