Gift Ideas for Christmas

As the holiday season nears, it is time to start thinking about gift ideas for family and friends on your list. If you’re not the crafty type or don’t have time to make holiday gifts but love to give handmade gifts, here is a gift guide to give you some natural and eco-friendly gift ideas for Christmas. All of these items are handmade by us on our homestead in western Montana and sold in our online MontanaSolarCreations Etsy shop.

Ecofriendly gift ideas MontanaSolarCreations Etsy shop holiday gift guide | MontanaSolarCreations (.com)

Nature Inspired Gift Ideas for Men and Women

  • Montana River Rock and Antler Wine Stoppers.  These are the perfect gift for the wine connoisseur on your gift list! Our handmade wine stoppers are made from Montana river rocks and deer and elk antlers. These unique, one of a kind wine stoppers are mounted on stainless steel bases that won’t corrode. Shop our selection of river rock and antler wine stoppers here.


montana elk antler wine stopper

wine stopper made from a Montana River Rock

  • Montana River Rock Drawer and Cabinet Pulls. We’ve had folks purchase our one of a kind Montana river rock drawer pulls as a Christmas gift for friends and family. Buy a set of river rock drawer pulls to replace the knobs on a dresser, cabinet, bathroom vanity or kitchen cupboards. The rock pulls come in a variety of natural colors and can be mounted on your color choice of hardware. Shop our selection of river rock drawer and cabinet pulls here.

montana river rock drawer and cabinet pulls

montana river rock drawer pulls and cabinet knobs

Eco-friendly Gift Ideas for the Home

  • Mason Jar Solar Lanterns. These are a fun gift to give just about anyone on your gift list! They work great outside on the patio, deck, porch, garden, camping and even can be used as a night light. You can purchase just the caps or the caps and handles if you have your own glass jar you want to use for the solar lantern. We also sell complete solar lanterns in clear glass and blue glass jars. Shop our selection of mason jar solar lanterns here. 

mason jar solar lantern for eco-friendly off grid lighting

  • Mason Jar Soap and Lotion Dispensers.  These make a great gift for the mason jar fanatic on your Christmas gift list! You can purchase just the soap pump and lid if you have your own glass jar to use. We also sell complete mason jar soap dispensers in clear glass and blue glass. There are also two color choices of soap pumps: white and black. Shop our selection of mason jar soap and lotion dispensers here.

mason jar soap and lotion dispenser in blue glass canning jar

mason jar soap and lotion dispenser

  • Wool Dryer Balls. Give the gift of a set of wool dryer balls and help your friends and family save money on drying their clothes! Wool dryer balls naturally help reduce static and reduce drying time. We make our wool dryer balls from wool that was sheared from Montana sheep and processed in a wool mill in western Montana. These wool dryer balls come in sets of 3, 4, 5 and several natural color choices to choose from. Shop our selection of wool dryer balls here. 

wool dryer balls to reduce drying time and naturally reduce static

  • Cloth Napkins and Unpaper Towels. These make a great gift for the eco-friendly family wanting to reduce the amount of paper products they use at home. The cloth napkins come in a wide variety of prints for boys, girls and adult prints. The unpaper towels are made with absorbent cotton and are also made with a variety of fun prints for the home. Shop our selection of cloth napkins and unpaper towels here. 

reusable cloth unpaper paperless towels

reusable cloth napkins for everyday family use

reusable cloth napkins for boys girls gender neutral school lunch nature print

Gift Ideas for Babies

  • Wood Teething Toys.  Our handmade hardwood teething toys are the perfect natural gift for the babies on your list! We have a wide variety of designs to choose from and even have teething necklaces for the lucky parents to wear. Each teething toy is lovingly crafted and sanded smooth so there are no sharp edges. Shop our selection of wood teething toys and teething necklaces here. 

hardwood teething toys for baby

wood teething toys for baby made from all natural hardwood

natural wood teething necklace for baby gift

  • Reusable Cloth Baby Wipes.  These make a great gift for the eco-friendly natural living baby on your gift list. Our reusable cloth baby wipes come in two sizes and a wide variety of fun cotton prints. Shop our selection of cloth baby wipes here. 

reusable cloth baby wipes

Gift Ideas for Women

  • Reusable cloth facial pads. These make a great gift for women who want to green up their beauty routine by switching to a reusable cloth facial pad instead of disposable. We’ve had several people buy them from our shop and gave them as a gift along with a homemade natural facial cleaner. Shop our reusable cloth facial pads here and here.

reusable cloth facial pads

  •  Reusable Cloth Feminine Pads. These can make a great gift for women in your close circle of friends or family who want to live more eco-friendly by using reusable cloth pads. We create panty liners and absorbent pads in a wide variety of prints. We even sell several starter sets of cloth pads. Shop our selection of cloth pads here. 

reusable cloth feminine maxi pads

absorbent reusable cloth feminine maxi pad set

 Gift Ideas for Dogs

  • Antler Dog Chews. You can’t forget human’s best friend when it comes time for Christmas! Make fido the happiest dog around (and also keep ’em from chewing on your shoes!) by gifting your dog with an antler dog chew. Our all natural antler dog chews are made of Montana elk antler. Each antler chew has sanded cut edges and will offer many hours of happy chewing for your beloved pet! Shop our selection of antler dog chews here.

antler dog chew bone made from an all natural montana elk antler


 Shop our Etsy shop MontanaSolarCreations now and use coupon code “mscblog14” at checkout for 10% off your purchase total!

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