5 Ways to Reuse Veggie Steaming/Blanching Water

Did you ever look at the colorful water left in your pan after steaming or blanching veggies? It always amazes me to see what colors the water changes to. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the reason it is colored is some of the nutrients from the veggies have leached into the water. All the more reason to NOT dump that nutrient dense water down the … [Read more...]

Get Rid of Wasps and Hornets Naturally!

The last few years we had a horrible issue with wasps and hornets. They love to build nests in the eaves of our old house and underneath the solar panels on our roof. If they kept to themselves it wouldn't be an issue, but they are obnoxious pests with a terrible sting!   It was getting to the point we couldn't be outside on our deck which is one of our favorite spots … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Rain Catch system

Making your own rain catching system does not have to be expensive or time consuming. It can be quite an easy, simple project you can do in just a few minutes!I dream of someday when we'll have a more sophisticated rain catch system but due to other more important house remodel projects it is low on the priority list of things to do. I picked up a couple big barrels with … [Read more...]

Re-purposing Junk Mail

I think we can all agree we dislike junk mail. It clutters up our mailboxes and often just ends up filling the trash can and then heads on to the local landfill with no purpose. Seems so wasteful and pointless. Don't despair, we have some great ways to reuse and repurpose junk mail!Up until the last few weeks, anytime we received junk mail we would chuck it in the trash. … [Read more...]

Natural, Organic Eating on a Budget

I think we all can agree that eating organic foods can be more expensive than buying “regular” groceries. When I quit my good paying job two months ago to be primarily a Work At Home Mom, I knew that I would have to budget even more than I used to since I was hoping our family would be able to continue eating primarily wholesome, organic foods.I am very conscious of the fact … [Read more...]