Gift Ideas for Christmas

Ecofriendly gift ideas MontanaSolarCreations Etsy shop holiday gift guide | MontanaSolarCreations (.com)

As the holiday season nears, it is time to start thinking about gift ideas for family and friends on your list. If you're not the crafty type or don't have time to make holiday gifts but love to give handmade gifts, here is a gift guide to give you some natural and eco-friendly gift ideas for Christmas. All of these items are handmade by us on our homestead in western Montana … [Read more...]

How to Dry Clothes Outdoors in Small Spaces

How to Dry Clothes Outdoors in Small Spaces

Do you want to hang your clothes to dry outside but don't have the yard space for a clothesline? We have the solution to drying clothes outdoors in small spaces! I love the fresh, clean smell of clothes hung to dry outside in the summertime. Not only do the clothes smell nice, it saves energy by not using the electric dryer in the house. One of my favorite things about … [Read more...]

Mason Jar Solar Lantern Giveaway

Mason Jar Solar Lantern Giveaway

Mason jar solar lanterns are a fun and eco-friendly way to have outdoor lighting! With a mason jar solar light you can harness the sun's power and have your very own solar lantern. It is that time of year when the weather is warm and we want to spend time in the great outdoors. When the sun sets, light up your nights with these eco-friendly solar lanterns! These are great to … [Read more...]

Sckoon Cup for an Eco-friendly Period

Using a Sckoon Cup for an Eco-friendly Period

I've been hearing about menstrual cups for a couple years now. I was intrigued but not quite sure if it was for me. I'm one of those mamas who loves cloth menstrual pads. But there are times when wearing a cloth pad is really inconvenient: when I want to go swimming, camping, and hiking. Then one of my good friends who lives part of the year off grid in a tipi told me that she … [Read more...]

Nest Bedding Organic Mattress Giveaway

Nest Bedding Twin Mattress Giveaway Event

Welcome to the Organic Sparrow Kids Mattress Giveaway, sponsored by Nest Bedding and hosted by Happy Mothering and the Green Moms Network! I’m excited to be participating in this giveaway and offering you the chance to win a twin sized Organic Sparrow Kids Mattress from Nest Bedding! This mattress is affordable, non-toxic and natural. It’s made from solid Oeko-Tex Certified … [Read more...]

How to Turn a Wool Sweater into a Pan Handle Cover

How to make an upcycled wool cast iron pan handle cover

Whether you use cast iron or stainless steel pots and pans in the kitchen, a durable pan handle cover is a must have! This tutorial will show you how to make an upcycled wool sweater pan handle cover in five simple steps. There's a free pattern to download that I made by tracing our cast iron pan handle. If you don't use cast iron, you can simply trace your pan handle and … [Read more...]

Kite Flying for Low Cost Family Fun

kite flying is a low cost fun family activity

Do you remember the last time you flew a kite? Until last week, it had been well over a decade since I had flown a kite. I have many fond memories of flying a kite as a kid. Then I grew up and for some reason never thought much about flying a kite. We recently were reading about flying kites in several of Little A's books. I realized our back pasture was the perfect spot to fly … [Read more...]