MontanaSolarCreations Sponsor & Review: Balm! Baby

Today I want to share with you MontanaSolarCreations sponsor, Balm! Baby.

 Balm! Baby is the THinc (Taylor House Incorporated) product line for babies and mamas. You can find a variety of other natural products for the whole family like soaps and skin care on the THinc website. 
I first heard about Balm! Baby earlier this summer in an online mama discussion about recommendations for natural sunscreen. I immediately hopped over to their website and bought some SUN! Natural Sunscreen. It works so well on our baby that I even started using it on myself since the big brand natural sunscreen from the local co-op goes on white and streaky with less protection.

I love our SUN! Natural Sunscreen so much that I was thrilled to get the chance to review several other Balm! Baby products: Diaper Balm/1st Aid, Shue Bug and Sanitize Those Hands.
First off, you want to know what is so great about their products?
  • They use only natural and organic ingredients.
  • All of their products are locally made in Hawaii, some of the ingredients even coming from an organic farm in Hawaii!
  •  All of their products are made in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.
  • They are committed to using only eco-friendly containers! All their products are sold in reusable glass or recycled aluminum containers. 

If you follow the Balm! Baby Facebook page you can learn about other ways they are living a more eco-friendly lifestyle and sharing tips with their fans. They recently shared about their switch to not using plastic garbage bags for their trash, how impressive is that?! They don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk!

The Diaper Balm/1st Aid Review:
We use cloth diapers on our little nugget, a good portion of them are ones like I make and sell in our Etsy shop. We rarely had any issues with diaper rash until recently when our hard water and Charlie’s soap combo led to build up and the dreaded funk. As I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the funk out, our little nugget has had a little red bottom on occasion.
The day our Diaper Balm showed up in the mail, our little nugget had a red bottom when changing her so I went and got the Diaper Balm and put it on. Her next diaper change about two hours later I was amazed, no redness at all!
What else is so great about the Diaper Balm/1st Aid?
  • Made of natural and organic ingredients, especially important when putting it on our baby’s bottom!
  • Cloth diaper friendly so no worries about staining, build up or repelling issues.
  • Multi-purpose! It can be used for so many other things like sunburn, chapped skin, cradle cap, eczema, burns, minor rashes, dry hands, and the list goes on.
  • It works great to moisturize my dry, scuffed gardening hands and especially my thumbs that seem to take the brunt of the outdoor work for some reason!
The Shue Bug Review:
We are an avid outdoor adventuring family so that means that we are often having to fight off those pesky mosquitoes. A few years ago when we were camping, I grabbed an old can of bug spray I found in the camping gear and sprayed it on. A little while later I looked down and it had eaten away some of my toenail polish! I was so horrified that I had sprayed this on my body and vowed to always use natural sprays after that.

The Shue Bug fits the bill perfectly. Why?

  •  It is made of all natural and organic ingredients.
  • It didn’t melt my toenail polish (yes, of course I tested it!)
  • It smells great and with no chemical smell
  • The size is perfect to tuck into a day pack or cargo pocket
  • It works! Some other natural bug sprays we tried just didn’t work very well but this stuff actually kept the bugs away.
  • I feel comfortable putting this on our little nugget and confident about it stopping the mosquitoes from biting her sweet baby skin!

Sanitize Those Hands! Review:
I’ve mentioned on here before that I still work very part time as a social worker in town. I work as a medical social worker and do a lot of home visits with older adults. Since I work for a medical agency, the policy is that we need to sanitize our hands when finishing a home visit so we don’t pass any germs on to the next person we visit.
I really don’t like using the free commercial strength sanitizer from work because it drys out my skin so badly and smells so strong like chemicals which sometimes makes me sneeze. I have been trying to find a natural alternative that still offered protection. I think I found my answer in Sanitize Those Hands!
It says on the label it leaves your hands feeling silky, and let me tell you that is so true! Instead of having dried out hands, after using Sanitize Those Hands my hands are silky and smell wonderful too.

What else is so great about Sanitize Those Hands?

  •  It is made with natural and organic ingredients
  • It kills 99.9% of germs so I can feel confident when using it at work
  • My skin feels so soft and silky after using it, almost like I put on a moisturizer!
  • The smell is so wonderful, it has macadamia nut oil, lavender and orange oil
  • It doesn’t make me sneeze!
  • It is the perfect size to stick in my work bag to take to home visits
  • It is light enough to carry around and stick in my mama bag when I take our little nugget out in town, especially during cold and flu season.

I love Sanitize Those Hands so much I took it to work to share with my coworkers and they were impressed. We even passed it around the table at our weekly team meeting so everyone could test it out!

Balm! Baby is generously offering some of their handmade body care products in our next giveaway starting later this week on September 1. I’m not going to tell you which products so you will have to check back later this week to find out and enter for your chance to win!

(Balm! Baby provided these products for me in exchange for my review. All of the opinions about these products that I shared are my own)

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  1. Anonymous says

    I have enjoyed reading your comments here and went on to read your Blog. I must say I agree with the positive comments about these products. While I have no little ones at home any more (I am Grandma to 24 and Great-Grandma to 2), I use these products! As you found out for yourself, they work great on adults, too! I am a diabetic and that presents some real skin concerns – not to mention how getting older also adds special needs for skin! These products make a real difference AND I appreciate a family-focused company that cares for our planet AND walks their talk, even down to the containers! Here’s hoping others will find what you did by trying these wonderful products. And it looks like following your blog will provide a LOT of good things!

    • says

      Thank you for your wonderful feedback! I too love that these products work so well on adults so I don’t have to pack along a bunch of different bottles and containers when we are out adventuring. I haven’t found any other body care products that are so committed to being eco-friendly. I absolutely love reading their Facebook Page updates, they inspire me to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle with the great tips they share!

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