Gratitude Sunday 10-20-2013

Today we are joining Taryn at Wooly Moss Roots for Gratitude Sunday. 

Despite being very busy with chores and projects around our new homestead, I’ve been taking time each day to think about all the things I am grateful for. I’ve read two articles this last week with tips on how to live a happier life and both cited the practice of expressing gratitude as a key element.

Some days I have the time to sit down and write in my gratitude journal but most days I just find myself thinking about my gratitudes and that is simply enough to bring a sense of joy and contentment to my soul.

Here are a few things I’ve been grateful for recently:

-The beauty of watching storms in the mountains move across the valley

-Unpacking more boxes and making our new house feel more like home.

-Seeing more rainbows in the last few weeks than we have seen all year- quite often we even see double rainbows!

-Renewing the energy we put into our Etsy shop after our move and meeting our goal to have over 100 listings again. 

-My new daily practice of taking the dogs for a walk in the pasture at sunrise and sunset. Taking a little quiet time by myself each day has been so good for my soul. Such a wonderful way to start and end the day!
-Getting more firewood cut, split and stacked in the barn to keep us warm all winter.

stack of lodgepole firewood

-The fun surprise of going outside one morning and finding 4 of our neighbor’s horses in the yard! Our little nugget loves horses so she thought it was the best thing ever. Unfortunately the neighbors weren’t home so my husband had to round up the horses with the four wheeler and herd them down the road back to their pasture. What an adventure!

-My husband putting in a large new window in the the kitchen that faces west so we can see more mountains and the sunset.

-Pears! We picked over 40lbs of pears from our tree and they were delicious. Since they were small, I decided to turn them into pear sauce the same way we make applesauce. It tastes the same and our freezer is now stocked with pear sauce to feed us all winter long.

making homemade apple pear sauce

-Signing our little nugget up for her first music class called Rhythm Tykes and having so much fun!

-An innate sense that everything will work out in our lives. Even through the most challenging times in my life, I’ve made it through to the other side a stronger, more humble person and remembering this gives me hope.

-Our little nugget’s love of music. There are several bluegrass songs she loves to sing and it makes my heart melt listening to her sweet toddler voice sing “I’ll fly away oh glory”

-My husband calling me outside one night to listen to the owls talking to each other “who who whowhoooooo” It was so magical!

-Our little nugget developing a love of bird watching. She loves to put her stool in front of the window so she can watch the birds outside and then we look them up in the identification book “mama get the bird book!”

-The beautiful golden fall sunlight.

-The way music sometimes speaks to me and fills my soul.

-Creating several rock border garden beds at our new house so I can transplant all my herbs and perennial flowers from our old house before the ground freezes. 

making rock border garden beds

building rock border flower garden beds

-Our little nugget always wanting to be a “helper” and mimicking us as we go about our chores.

toddler helping to sweep porch

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  1. says

    Beautiful list Annie!
    Sounds wonderful settling into your new homestead.
    I don’t get over to all the Gratitude Sunday posts these days, only have limited time to spend online, but wanted to pop by and say hello and thanks for joining. :)


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