Dreaming Big for the New Year

It is hard to believe that just one year ago, my husband and I were embarking on a pretty big life changing adventure. He left his job as co-owner of a solar business and began making creations to sell in our Etsy shop. I mentioned in this post a few of the goals we had set for the 2013 year and the progress we had made. We’re excited to continue on our journey to make a living working from home selling handmade goods!

We were so thrilled with the success our business had for the year 2013 that we are dreaming big, and I mean really big, for the year 2014.

montana solar creations handmade eco friendly green etsy shop business

Here is our big dream list for 2014:

1. Create our own independent website for our shop. We’ve already been researching shop platforms and planning what we want. The next step is to actually start building it!

2. Move our business blog from Blogger to WordPress. We already started a new blog on WordPress last week to get some experience working on a new blog platform and document our adventures in homesteading. Once we’re feeling pretty comfortable with it, we plan to make the big move with this blog. This is dream number two because we plan to have the shop and blog on the same webpage which will take some time, coordination and LOTS of patience!

3. Develop 12 new wholesale accounts. This sounds like a lot to me, but really if we break it down that is one per month for the next year!

4. Keep our Etsy shop consistently stocked with 250+ items. Last year our goal was 100 items and we just recently hit 200. We just need to keep our crafting and creating momentum going in the new year!

5. Grow our business to be our family’s primary source of monthly income. This was our goal a year ago and we’re getting pretty close to this but not quite there yet.

After writing this, I’m reminded of a quote a friend shared with me way back in high school:

“Reach for the stars and even if you miss you’ll still get one hell of a ride.” 
That is my inspiration for this year. We’re going to reach for the stars and we’re dreaming big while making a living selling our handmade goods!
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