DIY Mason Jar Soap and Lotion Dispenser

Today we’re going to show you how to make a mason jar soap and lotion dispenser. This quick and easy project is something you can easily make at home to spruce up your bathroom or kitchen decor.  I love the look of a mason jar soap dispenser sitting next to my bathroom and kitchen sinks. They have so much more charm than a plastic disposable dispenser! Plus these dispensers are reusable so no more throwing out the plastic soap or lotion dispensers you buy at the store. These are great to use when buying bulk soaps and lotions or if you make your own.

 How to make a Mason Jar Soap and Lotion Dispenser

How to make a mason jar soap and lotion dispenser

The total time to make this is probably less than half an hour if you have all the materials handy. When I first made these for our family, the pump part was the trickiest piece of this project to round up. I pulled one soap pump from an empty lotion container and reused it for a mason jar dispenser. You can also buy  the pump part in singles or sets in a variety of colors and styles, you can find them here.


  • Mason jar with lid
  • Soap pump
  • Permanent marker
  • Tape measure
  • Drill press or hand held power drill
  • rubber gasket or epoxy (optional)


Step 1: Measure the width of the base of your pump where it will fit through the canning jar lid. This needs to be an accurate measurement since you want to drill the hole so the pump fits snugly through the hole and not be loose and flopping around.

DIY project to make a reusable mason jar soap or lotion dispenser

Step 2: With a permanent marker, mark the center of the canning jar lid. This will be where you will drill the hole.

turning a canning jar lid into a reusable mason jar soap lotion dispenser

Step 3: If you have access to a drill press, this is the easiest way to drill the hole smoothly through the center of the canning jar lid. If you do not have a drill press, use a hand held power drill. Use a drill bit that is the closest measurement to the width of the pump base that you measured in step 1. If you are using a hand held drill, clamp the canning jar lid or press it down firmly to the surface you are drilling on since the rotation of the drill bit will want to spin the canning jar lid. This can make for a flying canning jar lid, crooked hole or an ugly misshapen hole. Believe me, I’m speaking from experience here!

how to drill a hole in a canning jar lid to make a reusable soap dispenser

Step 4: Once the hole is drilled, fit the the long tube of the pump through the hole and push the canning jar lid snugly up against the base of the pump. You can leave the pump as is or find a rubber gasket that fits the width of the base of the soap pump (we easily found one for a few cents in the plumbing section at the local hardware store). We like to add these to ours just to ensure a snug fit since we have a busy family with a toddler grabbing for the soap pump and the rubber gasket helps make sure the pump always stays in place. You could also spread a ring of epoxy around the seam where the soap pump and canning jar lid meet.

easy DIY project to make a mason jar soap or lotion dispenser

Step 5: Place the pump and lid on your Mason Jar, fill it with your desired soap or lotion and twist the canning ring on. You’re all done!

You can also make them in a blue glass canning jar for a more vintage feel. You can find these beautiful blue glass mason jars here to make your own just like this. Aren’t these so lovely?!

Ball blue glass mason jar soap or lotion dispenser

Making your own mason jar soap and lotion dispenser is so easy you can make one in just five easy steps! We’ve had folks tell us they use these for cooking oils, body oils, shampoo, conditioner, and of course soap and lotion. We use them all around our house and love how versatile they are. Plus we’re not throwing out disposable plastic soap pumps you buy in the store so these are helping us to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle!

If you love these mason jar soap and lotion dispensers but aren’t the crafty type, we sell them in our Etsy shop here.


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    • Annie says

      That’s great you already have the supplies you need! Hopefully you’ll give it a try to make one since they really are pretty easy to make :)

  1. Ashley F says

    I did this exact thing a couple weeks ago!! I was so tired of the plastic soap dispenser that kept falling over once it was close to empty. It turned out great and looks cute! I I used a mason jar and then used a solid lid from a jar of beets and spray painted it with hammer finish silver spraypaint.

    • Annie says

      I love your idea of using the blue glass jars for other supplies in the bathroom. I have a bunch of blue glass jars so I think I’m going to use them for storage in the bathroom. We have a blue glass soap pump in there and some blue bird print curtains I made so it would all match quite nicely!

  2. Amber P says

    Oh I think I will have to try this and soon! We are short on soap pumps and I think these are gorgeous. :)

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