Mason Jar Solar Lantern Giveaway

Mason jar solar lanterns are a fun and eco-friendly way to have outdoor lighting! With a mason jar solar light you can harness the sun’s power and have your very own solar lantern. It is that time of year when the weather is warm and we want to spend time in the great outdoors. When the sun sets, light up your nights with these eco-friendly solar lanterns! These are great to use around the house, on the deck, in the yard or garden, and we’ve even taken them camping.

Mason Jar Solar Lantern Giveaway from MontanaSolarCreations


These twist on solar caps have one extra bright LED light that gives off a nice glow. If sitting in a spot with good sunlight to charge, they can even last all night. I woke up at 6am one morning and it was still glowing! The solar lantern caps come in two sizes to fit the two standard size mason jars: wide mouth or narrow mouth.

Wondering how they work? There is a small solar panel on top that collects the sun’s energy and stores the power in a battery underneath. Every night when it gets dark, the light will automatically come on and turn off when it gets light out or is near a light source.

Giveaway for a MontanaSolarCreations mason jar solar lantern

If the battery ever dies, you can buy a new one at any hardware store and easily replace them. These can be indoor/outdoor and are fine to be out in the rain. Mason jar solar lanterns work best when they get a good charge by direct sunlight. They will charge sitting inside but the light will not last as long at night.

You can put fun things inside your glass jar to add to the glow in the lantern such as colored crushed glass or marbles. These come with metal wire handles which makes them easy to carry or hang from a hook.

We’ve been making and selling mason jar solar lanterns in our MontanaSolarCreations Etsy shop for the last two years. We sell them in a variety of colors, quantities and parts. Here’s what you can find in our Etsy shop:

  • silver solar caps
  • brown solar caps
  • solar caps (in silver or brown) with handles
  • complete solar lantern with clear pint size mason jar
  • complete solar lantern with pint size blue mason jar

In this giveaway you will have a chance to win 2 solar lantern caps with metal handles. This means you just have to supply the jar. This is a $25 value in our Etsy shop!

If you just gotta have a solar lantern now and don’t want to test your luck in the giveaway, you can hop on over to our Etsy shop and start shopping by clicking here! 

This giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canada. The giveaway will end on June 16, 2014. Enter below for your chance to win!
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  1. says

    I have cut up old T-shirts to use as cleaning rags, and we have drastically cut down on our use of paper towels! And many of our cleaning solutions are homemade. And I do try to use reusable products when possible.

  2. Katy Lamb says

    We try to make our own garden and eat what we grow, and we don’t use chemicals to clean our house with, but we use vinegar and baking soda instead.

  3. says

    I try to make my own cleaners as much as possible. And I never give up! I just keep trying different recipes until I find the one that works for us! :)

  4. Ilka W. J. says

    Like others, I’m going for re-usables whenever I can – UnPaper towels, cloth diapers, sandwich wrappers. I’m looking into recycling and composting, and planning going green in the feminine needs department, too.
    And I’ve been known to turn t-shirts into rug rags, as well! 😉

  5. Deborah says

    These are so cute and “homestead-ish” I know that is not a word but it should be. Really fits the concept. Would love to win and proudly display these.

  6. Andrea B says

    I have helped start a recycling project at our school (overseas) and keep a garden to grow my own herbs and vegetables.

  7. Alyssa C says

    We cloth diaper and use unpaper towels (great for napkins, who knew!). I planted a small garden this summer, and we turn off and unplug whatever we can when items are not in use.

  8. says

    Well besides trying to gather enough skills and money to make the jump into homesteading, we cloth diaper, recycle, reduce, reuse and repurpose as much as we can. We try to live sensibly and stay within a budget while trying to eat whole foods (not easy!!).

  9. Krysta says

    What a creative eco-friendly idea! I live out in the country (in my travel trailer) and use bulky spotlights to get around at night. I like this idea much better!

  10. Cynthia Baty says

    I just love this “outside of the box” gift idea!

    Thanks for using & sharing you’re imagination!

  11. Wehaf says

    We try to use reusable items as much as we can; we also recycle, compost, and grow some of our own veggies.

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