Kite Flying for Low Cost Family Fun

kite flying is a low cost fun family activity

Do you remember the last time you flew a kite? Until last week, it had been well over a decade since I had flown a kite. I have many fond memories of flying a kite as a kid. Then I grew up and for some reason never thought much about flying a kite. We recently were reading about flying kites in several of Little A's books. I realized our back pasture was the perfect spot to fly … [Read more...]

Gratitude Sunday 4-13-2014


The last few weeks, I've been feeling such gratitude for this new land we are living on. Now that warmer spring weather has arrived, we've been busy working on outdoor projects. Everyday, I find myself thinking of so many things I am thankful for at our new home. I feel so blessed to be here. This place fills my soul and makes my heart sing. Today we're joining Taryn at Wooly … [Read more...]

Gratitude Sunday 1-5-2014

Did you ever have one of those moments or days where you just felt an overwhelming sense of gratefulness? Honestly I wish I had these moments every day, but then if they happened that often they might lose some of their magic!New Year's day was one of those days for our family. We were filled with joy and celebrated all we had to be grateful for. Here are some highlights of our … [Read more...]

Dreaming Big for the New Year

It is hard to believe that just one year ago, my husband and I were embarking on a pretty big life changing adventure. He left his job as co-owner of a solar business and began making creations to sell in our Etsy shop. I mentioned in this post a few of the goals we had set for the 2013 year and the progress we had made. We're excited to continue on our journey to make a living … [Read more...]

Gratitude Sunday 10-20-2013

Today we are joining Taryn at Wooly Moss Roots for Gratitude Sunday.  Despite being very busy with chores and projects around our new homestead, I've been taking time each day to think about all the things I am grateful for. I've read two articles this last week with tips on how to live a happier life and both cited the practice of expressing gratitude as a key element.Some … [Read more...]

Finding an Affordable New Homestead

Remember over six months ago when I shared that we were shopping for a new homestead for our family? After many months of searching for the right property at an affordable price, we finally found our new home. On the first of this month we closed on our new homestead! Remember that post I wrote way back in December on our  Homestead Property Shopping Wish List? Well our … [Read more...]

Flower Gardening to Feed the Soul

Vegetable gardening nourishes the body but flower gardening feeds the soul. I haven't been online much the last two months due to the family crisis I mentioned in this post so our blog and social media have been quiet. Instead I have been spending a lot of time with my hands in our garden soil, surrounding myself with the simple beauty of my beloved perennial flower gardens. … [Read more...]

A Visit to the National Bison Range in Montana

We recently took a family adventure to the National Bison Range. We always drive by the Bison Range on the way to our favorite Amish food market but we had no idea just how huge and spectacular it was until we drove the two hour loop road through the range. Even the view of the Mission Mountain Range from the parking lot was breathtaking. The National Bison Range was created … [Read more...]