Sckoon Cup for an Eco-friendly Period

Using a Sckoon Cup for an Eco-friendly Period

I've been hearing about menstrual cups for a couple years now. I was intrigued but not quite sure if it was for me. I'm one of those mamas who loves cloth menstrual pads. But there are times when wearing a cloth pad is really inconvenient: when I want to go swimming, camping, and hiking. Then one of my good friends who lives part of the year off grid in a tipi told me that she … [Read more...]

Inspiration From The Urban Chicken Book

I have been talking with my husband for a few years about getting chickens to raise for meat and eggs but have no idea where to begin. I have fond memories as a kid collecting eggs from my uncle's chickens up the road but I have no idea how to raise our own chickens. We have several friends with backyard chickens who have explained to my husband how they built their coops but … [Read more...]

Greenwoman Magazine for the Hip and Eco-friendly Gardener

Recently I've been enjoying a wonderful read, Greenwoman Magazine: A Literary Garden. Since I'm a bookworm, I always have a stack of books and lists of online publications to read. I'm especially thrilled about Greenwoman Magazine because it is right up my alley "Daring and fun, Greenwoman is for the hip gardener who loves digging into the world of art and environmental thought … [Read more...]

Backyard Farming on an Acre Book Review

Angela England's new book, Backyard Farming on an Acre (More or Less) is an inspiring guide and must have for folks new to small scale backyard farming and homesteading. With 25 helpful and easy to read chapters, England outlines the basics from choosing land to gardening, animal care, preserving and even homestead crafting!   England's knowledge, experience and … [Read more...]

Ol Billz Stuff Antler Earrings Review and Green Gift Giveaway Hop

Just in time for the holiday gift giving season is the Green Christmas Giveaway Hop! This fun event is hosted by Happy Mothering, Going Green with the Grizls and The Reynolds Mom. Over 50 members of the Green Moms Network have joined in this hop to offer you the chance to win a ton of amazing green gifts this holiday season! At the bottom of this post you'll see a list of all … [Read more...]

Sponsor Spotlight: Liberty Bottleworks Water Bottle Review

I drink a lot of water and always pack a water bottle everywhere I go: errands in town, on a walk, outdoor adventuring and working at my part time social work job in town each week. Because I drink so much water, having a safe and environmentally friendly water bottle is important to me. We have quite the reusable water bottle collection, you could even say I'm a picky … [Read more...]

Sponsor Spotlight: Ollie and Stella Ducksday Fleece Jumpsuit Review

Being an avid outdoor adventuring family with a 14 month old toddler means we need high quality kid's gear to keep our little nugget warm and dry when we're outdoors. I was thrilled when I first saw the Ollie and Stella Children's Outfitters website and Ducksday gear specifically for outdoor adventuring kids. They sell the cutest kid's fleece jumpsuits, one piece rain suits, … [Read more...]

Women in Hunting Series Part 9: Kifaru Handwarmer Review

Throughout the Women in Hunting Series I've shared about my love of hunting here in Montana. Since the weather turns cool early in September, I'm often struggling with cold hands during archery and rifle hunting seasons. I've tried a variety of gloves and mittens but dislike the precious time it requires to take them off  so I can properly handle my gun or bow. When I saw the … [Read more...]